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GSL ENERGY Stars in Thailand Energy Show

Date:2018-06-18 18:50:46 Hits:

From June 5-9 Thailand Energy Show, GSL ENERGY fully cooperated with Thailand partner Solarenergythai ( SET) company together on the show, which attracts a lot of potential clients who needs solar energy storage system and electric vehicle battery solutions.

On meeting, GSL ENERGY signed deep cooperation agreement with SET partner to develop Thailand Solar ENERGY storage system and battery energy storage system. GSL ENERGY will fully and unconditionally support SET partner on lithium battery technical side, design, engineering and installation, etc. “ it is a real big pleasure with GSL ENERGY on the show together. We use GSL ENERGY advanced lifepo4 lithium battery system from GSL ENERGY for years and they are still running very well,” SET CEO Mr. Kongkiet Poompothong said, We have install decades of them inside Huayin villas last year already. We will fully cooperate with GSL ENERGY in the future”.

“We will work with Mr. Kongkiet company for next ten years in Thailand ESS market. SET is the best partner we have met in Thailand right now. We trust and support each other. We have booked G25 position for 54 m2 in 2019 and bring more advanced lithium battery products next year. See you in G25, 2019 soon”. Said Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY.

After show, SET partner singed sales agreement of over 100kwh ESS with GSL ENERGY.

SEE YOU IN G25, June 5-8 , 2019!