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Solar Application System

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Solar Air Conditioning system

As the development of new technology, GSL ENERGY is engaged to provide eco-friendly and energy-saving products. To protect the atmosphere, we widely use CFC-free eco-friendly refrigerant in our products. To get higher efficiency, we use famous Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Copland, Daikin compressors, and inverter technology in our products, to reduce the energy consumption. Even more, we make use of air-source energy into our air-water heat pump and swimming pool heater equipments. 100% of our products export to Europe, Middle East, South America and South-east Asia.





Solar Telecom System


GSL ENERGY has a wide experience of stand-alone & Hybrid solar power systems with clients in the Asia, Middle East, and Africa. We are also acknowledged as one of the trustworthy Solar Powered Telecom System Manufacturers, based in China. Telecommunication provides the lion’s share of market opportunities for photovoltaic. Now Telecom stations are expanding their foot print in remote, uninhabited areas where no infrastructure exists including reliable power. GSL ENERGY Telecom Power Systems has a wide range of Solar Telecom System that has been designed to serve the needs of economical & reliable power for BTS, Microwave & Repeater sites. Additionally, customers can avail Solar Telecommunication System at the most affordable prices.

Solar Water pumping System

GSL ENERGY solar pumping technology is a world original technology which utilizes solar energy into water conservancy system applications. GSL ENERGY solar pumping system adopts self-developed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, with fast response and good stability, automatic operation and 98% conversion efficiency, the system obtained the “Scientific and Technology Transformation Achievement” in the 10th China High-Tech Fair. GSL ENERGY solar pumping system creates the green concept that storing water is more efficient that storing electricity, no need grid power and energy storing devices, it drives the pump directly with high reliability and long lifespan, at the mean time, the system construction and maintenance costs could be dramatically reduced.

 Solar DC Fridge and Freezer System


Through these years' strong development, GSL ENERGY is becoming one of the leading manufacturers specializing in DC compressor freezers. They are popularly used on cars, trucks, boats and ships, with all other DC power sources, even supplied by solar power to use at home. GSL ENERGYsolar dc fridge and freezers products have advantages of low power consumption, strong cooling performance and environmental friendliness. The other series of products are thermoelectric coolers and warmers, which feature our unique and patented aqua cooling systems, which can make extra 30% cooling effects than other products, convenient carrying, and various types and sizes.