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GSL ENERGY is a supplier of Solar Energy, Lithium Titanate Battery, Lifepo4 Batter related Products. We are one of the most professional solar system solution operators and lthium ion battery suppliers in China; we have an experienced professional team for carrying your alternative energy needs from complete power systems to components such as:

Solar Energy Business:
--High efficiency solar panel 
--Off-grid & On-grid solar power system
--Solar Application Systems
--Solar power inverter/Solar charge controller
--Solar LED street lighting products
--Wind Generator  

Lithium Battery Business:
--Lithium ion Battery cells and Packs
--Lifepo4 Battery Cells and Packs.
--LTO Battery cells and Packs 


GSL ENERGY supplies fully customized power solution to meet client's exact requirements. If you need any assistance, our experienced technicians will provide a comprehensive support service for you .


Solar Energy Business
--Tier 1 on solar mounting kits design solutions in China. 
--Tier 2 on solar panels manufacturer and exporter in the world. 
--Tier 2 supplier in solar on and off grid inverters 
--Top five exporter on off grid solar system engineering and solutions 
--Top 10 EPC solar company in China.

Lithium Batteries
--The first hi-tech company producing LTO batteries cells and packs
--The top five biggest cylindrical lifepo4 cells manufacturer in the world.
--Top five of 18650 , 26650, 32650, 38120 cylindrical lifepo4 battery cells manufacturer in the world.
--Top five prismatic lifepo4 cells factory in China.
--Top five exporter of lifepo4 battery packs in China.